TryHackMe PreSecurity Review

Hey folks, I am back with my new write-up. In this write-up, I am gonna share my experience on new pathways created by TryHackMe.It is a free room and everyone can join it. So let me quickly explain in brief.

What is TryHackMe?

TryHackMe is an awesome platform where it will guide you through each and every part of CyberSecurity with a clear explanation along with a Hands-on experience with real-world labs. It consists of many rooms where each topic will be explained in an easy manner. You can have many labs and learn many things without a subscription too, However you will need a paid subscription for some rooms which is very low compared with the quality of the content.

So, If you are interested in Cyber Security and still haven’t joined. I suggest you try it out. Additionally, you can signup using my referral link for a free ticket when you get 100 points.

Learning Paths:

Looking Over the learning paths, you can find rooms from very beginner levels to very advanced penetration testing skills with hands-on real-world labs.

Pre Security?

As you can see in Learning Paths, Pre Security is the first step where you will be taught from very scratch with many interactive Labs. To attack or defend any technology, you have to first learn how this technology works. So, in this lab, you will be taught how the technology works and the basic terminologies found.

Course Contents?

Pre Security comes up with 5 different sections, where you can learn about basic terminologies and technologies to attack or defend.

  1. Cyber Security Introduction: This section is all about understanding why learning the technical fundamentals is important to succeed in your cybersecurity learning journey.
  2. Network Fundamentals: In this section, you will learn about the core concepts of how computers communicate with each other and types of network weaknesses. You can find the concept of Networking, Basic intro to LAN, OSI Model, Packet, and Frames.
  3. How The Web Works: So, before breaking things, of course, you need to understand how it works. This section helps to understand the underlying functions of the world wide web and what makes it work. You can find content like DNS, HTTP, and basically all about how the web works.
  4. Linux Fundamentals: As many Many servers and security tools use Linux. This section teaches us how to use the Linux operating system, a critical skill in cybersecurity. You will get familiar with Linux Terminal Commands by the end of this section.
  5. Windows Fundamentals: This section gives us hands-on access to Windows and its security controls. These basics will help you in identifying, exploiting, and defending Windows.

You can also earn tickets upon completion of each room, by which you can claim amazing gifts if you earnt three similar tickets. So, I suggest you to try this out and sharpen your skill.

Here are the tickets which I claimed after completion of all 15 rooms, you can even earn cool tickets like OSCP Voucher, 20$ Swag Voucher and many more:

Once you complete this whole Pre-Security room, you will be awarded a cool certificate of completion.

Investment in education is never a waste, So I suggest you to try out this cool thing. It is totally worth it to start your learning process by enrolling with TryHackMe and become a master in the field of cybersecurity.

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